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Mental Health First Aid Certificated 2 day course (19/20 November 2018)

Mental Health First Aid Certificated 2 day course (4/5 December 2018)

About us

Our workshops will enable employers to better understand the mental health of their employee and support employees experiencing mental health issues.

Enhanced understanding and promotion of positive mental health can lead to decrease sickness absence and reduce business related costs to non-attendance. Our training helps reduce the stigma of mental health in your business and create a company culture where your employees feel supported and invested in.

Our workshops will contribute to a healthy and adaptable workforce that will enable you to make business changes and give you the confidence to take more risks, strive towards your business objectives and goals with the reassurance you are forming a resilient and robust workforce.

All our courses can be tailored to your Business needs including you’re polices and processes. Our courses can be amended to incorporate your companies vision and values.

We work with businesses large and small to increase wellness within their organisation which directly contributes to the growth and performance in the company.

We offer mental health first aid training and wellness workshops for companies, we also offer a wide range of other short courses covering soft skills. Take a look at our courses from the top navigation

Benefits of investing in you're people

  • Show that you are bringing mental health to the top of your agenda in your company and evidence you are investing in your people’s welfare.
  • Reduce absence and associated business costs
  • Empower your staff to manage their wellness at home and at work.
  • Enable your managers to better manage their employee’s mental health related issues and reduce absence and long term sick.
  • Our workshops will enable your employees to better spot the signs of mental health in their staff as well as be able to better support an employee experiencing mental health issues.

MHFA reasons to invest in your staff – Poster attached – click here

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Workplace Mental Health Training and Wellness for businesses


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EDP Workplace Mental Health Training and consultancy service