121 Wellbeing coaching sessions

Be your Best Self

What is your best self at this time? Do you get flashes of inspiration or ideas of what you wish this time would be like, but seem unable to achieve it? If that is the case let me help you. Thriving during this time means very different things for different people. For some people it is simple to sustain mental health and wellbeing, for others it is a time of personal growth. No matter what your goals or circumstances a coach can provide you with support, inspiration, accountability and encouragement.

I am offering 121 Wellbeing coaching sessions and I would love to support you on your journey self-contentment and improve your happiness. My passion for helping people learn how to be the best version of themselves seems even more important at a time when we are needing greater resilience than ever. What do you want to be able to say about yourself when you look back at 2020? Coaching can help maintain or improve the quality of our wellbeing and mental fitness.

Email me to find out how coaching can help empower and develop you during 2020 at enquiries@edptraining.co.uk

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