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Communication Workshop

One day workshop for businesses for all employees

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." George Bernard Shaw

Company reputations can be built on the communication skills of their workforce. Positive and clear communication will enhance customers views of your team, reducte costly mistakes or misunderstandings and reduce business costs and time spent on rectifying errors and solving complaints.

This workshop will reinforce positive communication and as a result participants will be more aware of their own personal communication style and know what effective communication looks like and sounds like. Participants will have enhanced knowledge and skills will improve communication within the business and promote a collaborative culture which will reduce working in silo across the company. Workshops can be adapted for your needs to include -

  • types of communication
  • body language
  • effective communication
  • feedback
  • question types
  • listening skills
  • clear communication
  • leaving a positive impression
  • improving performance and sales through communication
  • your complaints procedure
  • how to effectively handle complaints
Communication Workshop

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