About us

Recovery from poor mental health will test you to your core. It takes strength, determination and focus you didn’t even know you possessed and the need of support from a wide range of sources. I know this because following a redundancy, an end of a relationship and the birth of my daughter in quick succession, I experienced post-natal depression and anxiety.

Before this time, I had spent over 15 years working in the retail & financial services sector and I decided that I would use the knowledge and understanding I gained during this time to change direction. My passion for mental health and empowering people through learning and development has led me to where I am today. EDP is now an award winning company specialising in Mental Health and wellbeing training, we have worked with some of the largest companies in England and received outstanding feedback and built lasting relationships with clients.

My own experience, training and listening to hundreds of people share their own stories of mental health has equipped me with information about the realistic and practical steps people can use to take control of their own wellbeing. Greater understanding of ones mental health can help improve the quality in people’s personal and professional lives. I am passionate about the role learning and development has to play in prevention of poor mental health and maintaining the quality of one’s mental health.

Before I started my journey I had no idea how debilitating poor mental health could be, now with lived experience and networks of people committed to creating workplaces and communities that minimise the stigma attached to mental health, where people can support others and understand their own wellbeing I realise that my own health was a turning point into something more meaningful and enriching. I’m proud that my company Empower Develop People continues to grow and is the leading provider of Mental Health First Aid England Products in the south west.


Everybody has access to training and information to aid a basic understanding of common mental health illnesses and knowledge on how they can practically and realistically impact their own wellbeing.


Deliver authentic and quality training to companies and organisations, support them to implement wellbeing strategies and policies to encourage employee wellbeing and make mental health an integral part of their work life and to work with individuals to enhance their own wellbeing and thrive.


  • Trust – we will always be transparent, forth coming and consistent.
  • Integrity – quality training, most up to date information, latest techniques and resources, we deliver what we say we will.
  • Relationships – above and beyond, value and make an inclusive feel for all stakeholders.
  • Collaboration – we will continuously share new and relevant information and resources that are useful for our clients, stakeholders, delegates and wellbeing partners, we work in an inclusive and complimentary way.
  • Passion – passion over profit, all employees have a passion for the subject matter coupled with a will to empower people, we will get the information to where it is needed or requested by means most appropriate.