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Action for Happiness take the Race Aware Short Course

Yesterday we delivered our Anti-Racism short course Race Aware to Action for Happiness as part of their Diversity & Inclusion strategy & anti-racism work.

Action for Happiness are an amazing organisation in the wellbeing space offering a wealth of tools to support people’s mental health and are a part of helping create a happier nation. I absolutely love the work Action for Happiness do and very often mention their work within my own work and was very excited to have them partake in our Race Aware course.

As we know, Black & Brown people often fall to the margins across institutions in England and are also often met at crisis points by the mental health services. If we can look to empower Black & Brown people & include them, we can make a difference to the experience and life outcomes for Black & Brown people in the UK.

This session brought on a lot of reflection and shared learnings and it was amazing to see people so pensive and wanting to take the time to process such difficult topics with so much love.

Below is what Mark Williamson CEO of Action for Happiness had to say about our Race Aware session.

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