Becoming a Mental Health First Aider: A Guide to MHFA England Courses

Learning to offer support and comfort to those struggling with their mental health is an invaluable skill. With MHFA England courses, individuals can become certified first aiders in mental health, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to mental health concerns.

This guide will explore some of EDP Training’s available MHFA England and anti-racism courses and discuss how to become a mental health first aider.

What Is a Mental Health First Aid Course?

A mental health first aid course equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to identify, understand and help a person experiencing mental health issues.

By taking the MHFA course, you can become a first aider in mental health. You’ll be equipped with the confidence and practical tools to support someone in need and positively impact their mental well-being. The course teaches evidence-based actions and strategies to aid recovery, reducing mental health stigma and promoting a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

Why Join a Mental Health First Aid Training Program?

Mental health is vital to our well-being, yet it’s often overlooked or stigmatised. By booking an MHFA England course, you can help those in need and contribute to a mentally healthy world.

Taking the course is an investment for yourself and those around you. It offers numerous benefits, from reducing mental health stigma to enhancing your self-awareness.

MHFA England Courses at EDP Training

EDP Training offers a wide range of training courses. Here are some of them:

  •   Mental Health First Aid Course: A dynamic 2-day course. Participants learn to recognise and manage mental health crises. Attendees receive an official certificate upon completion, demonstrating their commitment to better mental health.
  •   MHFA Champion Course: A 1-day training program designed for those who want to promote better mental health in the workplace. Participants will learn how to create a mental health-friendly environment and how to support colleagues and employees struggling with their mental health.
  •   Mental Health Aware Course: A half-day course designed to increase participants’ knowledge and confidence in discussing mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding it. The course is delivered in an interactive and engaging way, using presentations, discussions, and practical activities.
  •   Youth Mental Health First Aid: A 2-day course covering a range of mental health issues commonly experienced by young people. The course is a great opportunity for those who work with young people to learn how to identify and help them when in distress.

Aside from courses related to mental health, you can also consider booking an anti-racism course. The anti-racism training programs offered by EDP Training are a vital step in promoting inclusivity and combatting racism. They help participants recognise and challenge racist attitudes and behaviour. Upon completion, participants will have a deeper understanding of the impact of racism and be better equipped to challenge it, promoting a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Join the Movement: Sign Up for EDP Training’s Mental Health and Anti-Racism Courses

Mental health first aid training is an important step in promoting better mental health and well-being for everyone. Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, EDP Training offers a range of mental health first aid and anti-racism courses to prepare you to respond to mental health crises and combat racism. Sign up for EDP Training’s courses today!