"A problem is just a misunderstood opportunity to grow."

Company changes can lead to or reveal gaps in knowledge or systems. We can help with transition to help you smoothly and effectively embed change, increasing the effectiveness of systems and review company processes.

Our consultancy service is perfect for companies with no in-house learning and development team, or teams wishing to increase their capacity to assist with existing training schemes, strategies and projects.

We also offer tailored and bespoke solutions to work with your own unique issues or challenges.

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Keynote speaking – Bianca Jones – Mental Health and Wellbeing

The following sessions can be one hour, 60 minutes or two hour sessions depending on your organisation’s needs.

Stress and mental health awareness session

Typical content could include –

  • Mental health and stress in the UK
  • What is stress and how does it impact us?
  • How to manage stress effectively
  • Signs of stress, depression and anxiety – how to tell the difference
  • What distress may look like in the workplace
  • Understanding stressors and trigger factors
  • Responding to people experiencing stress and poor mental health
  • Exploring stigma and discrimination attached to mental health
  • Mental health, disability and the law
  • Professional help and resources

Session can be done in a Half Day or Full day depending on organisational needs.

Building Resilience

Typical content could include –

  • What is resilience and how increase our effectiveness?
  • Understanding the sources of resilience
  • Protective factors and risk factors
  • Coping strategies, tools and techniques to boost resilience
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Problem solving for enhanced resilience
  • Resources and help available
  • Personal resilience planning

Workplace Mental Health Training and Wellness for businesses


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EDP Workplace Mental Health Training and consultancy service