Equipping Champions: Why Training the Trainer on Anti-Racism and Allyship Is Essential


Are you ready to become a champion in the fight against racism? Imagine stepping into a room full of eager learners, equipped with the tools to dismantle prejudice and create a more equitable society.  Our Race Ahead Train the Trainer Programme is designed specifically for individuals like you who are passionate about making a real difference. In this transformative training experience, you will gain the tools and support needed to facilitate anti-racism courses that leave lasting impacts on participants. Get ready to become an agent of change as you learn how to create equitable spaces where individuals can grow, thrive, and challenge systemic discrimination head-on.

Why Train the Trainer Matters

There is a great need in our workplace today, to address the issue of racism and the many impacts it has on our lives. Here at EDP Training, we have been delivering race awareness courses, notably the Race Ahead course, to corporate clients; to help them achieve their goals of creating safe, anti-racist and prospering work environments. In addition, we have helped many work colleagues address the impacts of racism in their own lives and changed perceptions and behaviours within organisations. Earlier this year, we decided that to really make an impact, we needed to train more trainers to get the job done. And so the Race Ahead Train the Trainer Course was born!

Our mission is to train people who can competently deliver race awareness courses either, within their organisation (corporate trainer), or as an Associate (freelance trainer).

Essential Skills for Trainers

Deep understanding of anti-racism concepts

The journey towards anti-racism starts with understanding the key concepts. It’s important to understand systemic racism, which refers to how institutions and structures perpetuate racial inequality. It’s essential to understand how power dynamics play out within these systems and processes to understand systemic racism.

Become an Anti-Racism Trainer Through EDP Training

Looking for a ‘train the trainer course near me’? At EDP Training, we offer a comprehensive Train The Trainer Programme. The initiative gives you the tools and support you need to make a real difference. By joining our programme, you’ll learn how to facilitate anti-racism training and create safe spaces where people can grow, learn, and thrive.

Our Race Ahead Train the Trainer Programme empowers you to foster understanding, empathy, and positive change. We believe that together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future for all.

To register your interest and embark on this transformative journey, click HERE. We are excited to welcome you aboard. In the coming weeks, our team will be in touch with you to guide you through the next steps of the programme.



What is the primary role of a trainer?

The primary role of a trainer goes beyond simply providing information; it involves addressing deeply ingrained beliefs and biases to inspire transformative change. Effective trainers not only have extensive knowledge but also good facilitation skills that guide participants towards critical self-reflection.

How can I become a certified trainer?

If you want to play an active role in facilitating anti-racism courses, becoming a certified trainer is a great start. With EDP’s Train the Trainer Programme, individuals can get a trainer certificate, as well as the tools and support they need.

What are some effective techniques for engaging learners during training sessions?

Creating a collaborative, interactive learning environment is an effective way to engage learners. Multimedia resources can also boost learner engagement. In addition, real-world examples can increase learner engagement in anti-racism training.

How do I handle difficult or resistant learners during training?

Understanding the underlying reasons behind their resistance is an effective strategy. Trainers can address these concerns directly and open up a dialogue by empathising and acknowledging them.

Are there online resources for trainer development?

Trainers are increasingly using online resources to develop their skills. Educational blogs are full of tips and tricks for trainers. You can also watch trainer development videos on YouTube. By taking advantage of online resources focused on trainer development, individuals can stay up-to-date with the latest research-backed approaches.

How can I measure the success of my training sessions?

Using pre- and post-assessments helps trainers track participants’ progress from the start to the end of a session. They’re great for figuring out how well the content is being absorbed and understood, as well as highlighting potential areas for improvement.