Would you like to become more knowledgeable about mental health and feel confident in supporting those who might be struggling?

EDP Ltd is the leading open course provider in the south west. We have been providing this kind of training for over 3 years and have an experienced Associate and Instructor from MHFA England (Bianca Jones CIPD Assoc) delivering your course.

You will be sent the relevant links and materials 1 week before the course start date. You will need a camera and a microphone option on your device.

Note that this training will take place online from 10.00am – 5.00pm OVER 2 DAYS.

Time will be allocated for self-learning over the 2 days.


Session 1

Individual learning:

• Introduction to the Online Mental Health First Aid course and the Online Learning Hub (course overview, safety procedure, attending live sessions, and completing individual learning activities)

• Activity 1: Why Mental Health First Aid?

• Activity 2: The Mental Health First Aid action plan

• Activity 3: What is mental health?

• Activity 4: Quiz: Impact of mental health

• Activity 5: Stress Container (completed after live session)

• Activity 6: Frame of Reference (completed after live session)

Live session:

• Introduction to course functions

• Introduction to the course

• ALGEE and mental health introduction recap

• Stigma

• Risk and protective factors

• 10 minute break

• Frame of Reference

• The Mental Health Continuum

• Introduction to the Stress Container

Session 2

Individual learning:

• Activity 7: What is depression?

• Activity 8: Risk factors for depression

• Activity 9: Mental Health First Aid for depression

• Activity 10: Introduction to suicide

Live session:

• Recap of individual learning on depression

• Prevalence of suicide

• Suicide, substance misuse and dual diagnosis

• Analyse the impact of suicidal feelings

• Recap of ALGEE and risk factors for suicide

• Explain Mental Health First Aid action plan 1 for suicide

• 10 minute break

• Explain non-judgemental listening, Empathy video

• Practice using ALGEE in case study scenarios

• Review of ALGEE for suicide and depression

• Self-care

Session 3

Individual learning:

• Activity 11: What is anxiety?

• Activity 12: Mental Health First Aid for anxiety

• Activity 13: What are eating disorders?

• Activity 14: Mental Health First Aid for eating disorders

• Activity 15: What is self-harm?

• Activity 16: Mental Health First Aid for self-harm

• Activity 17: What are personality disorders?

Live session:

• Recap of individual learning on anxiety

• Recap of the five basic steps of ALGEE for anxiety

• Explain action 1 for anxiety

• How to support someone who is having a panic attack

• Explain crisis first aid

• Practice action 2: non-judgemental listening

• 10-minute break

• Practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan for anxiety

• Explain cognitive behavioural therapy

• Recap of eating disorders and self-harm

• Case study for eating disorders and self-harm

• Review ALGEE for eating disorders and self-harm

Session 4

Individual learning:

• Activity 18: What are psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder?

• Activity 19: Risk factors for psychosis

• Activity 20: Mental Health First Aid for psychosis

• Activity 21: Helpful and unhelpful responses

• Workbook Activity 10: My action plan for using Mental Health First Aid (completed after live session)

Live session:

• Review of individual learning on psychosis

• Explain the development of symptoms of psychosis

• Review the five steps of ALGEE for psychosis

• Group discussion about MHFA Australia psychosis video

• Case study activity using Mental Health First Aid action plan for psychosis

• 10-minute break

• Recovery

• Explore how to build a mentally healthy workplace

• Start action plan to use Mental Health First Aid

• Feedback

Bianca Jones
Managing Director/MHFA trainer/CIPD member
Bianca Jones, a qualified MHFA trainer and CIPD member
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