Young business people attending Race Ahead Live Training Course

Race Ahead Live Training Course November

Race Ahead Live – 18th of November 2022 9-6pm (1 Full Day)

Our new Race Ahead Live training course has been designed to be interactive and includes our original Race Ahead Digital training bundled up into one day.

Our host Bianca Jones will guide you through the course and answer any questions you have within a safe space. Our non-judgmental approach is great for people who are unsure about what to say or not say in uncomfortable situations in the workplace regarding race and racism.

Increasing your knowledge around race, racism and it’s effects on mental health and how your organisation can become a proactive ally against racism..

It will run between the hours of 9-6 pm with 2 live 2 hour sessions.

The course includes

  • digital work book and
  • Certificate of completion

Topics that the course will cover are:

  • Understand how racism can manifest & present itself in the workplace.
  • Improve the mental health & wellbeing for your Black & Brown employees.
  • Learn how to become a pro-actively anti-racism organisation & ally.


Note: Only 16 spaces per course.

About the Course


  • 37% of people of colour say they have been bullied, abused or singled out because of their race. Leading to 57% of black women in particular to have suffered a mental health problem due to workplace bullying.
  • Black African, Bangladeshi and Pakistan graduates are the least likely group to be offered jobs.
  • Black men are 5x more likely to develop psychological illnesses (like psychosis) due to the social and economical factors related to racism. This includes experiences of discrimination, covert and overt racism, oppression and isolation, particularly in the workplace.
  • Black People hold just 1.5% of leadership positions across the public and private sector in the UK.

Maybe these statistics don’t surprise you. Maybe they do. But you’re here, just like us, because we’d like the situation for black and brown individuals in society to be equitable.

The Race Ahead programme is designed to help not only you as an individual. But you as a key stakeholder and decision maker in your organisation, to understand and address systemic racism and the disparities that this causes in the workplace.

  • We want you to understand the detrimental impacts of discrimination. No matter how unintentional.
  • We want you to feel confident when speaking about race and racism to all those above and below you.
  • And we want you to have the tools you need to create an organisational approach to tackling these issues. These issues which negatively affect the mental health and wellbeing of your black and brown colleagues and employees.


  • 70% of ethnic minority workers have experienced racial harassment at work in the last 5 years (TUC racism at work survey 2020.)
  • 52% of BAME staff feel they would have to leave their current organisation to progress their career. (Business in the Community, Race at Work 2018.)
  • 47 FTSE 100 companies have no BAME representation on their boards (Green Park Research, Dec 2019)
  • 1 in 3 BAME employees have been told to adopt a western work name by their Boss (Slater and Gordon research, May 2019.)

Understanding the history of English Race Relations in the United Kingdom will help us better understand the nature of systemic racism and the negative impact it has on black and brown individuals. Knowledge gives you the power to make decisions that will positively affect our future. Change can happen at a micro level. Everyone can and should be playing their part.

  • But it’s overwhelming.
  • It’s hard to face.
  • It’s uncomfortable.
  • It feels like it’s not relevant to you.
  • And it’s not without its complexities around a lack of understanding.

Race Ahead lays down foundational understanding in 4 simple to absorb and non-judgemental modules. We explore the history and look at some of the core UK institutions and how the policies and practices create the disparities caused by systemic racism.

There is a deep dive in the stressors and mental disorders that are more prevalent to black and brown individuals as a direct result of racism.

And the programme finishes by making sure that you have a toolbox of strategies to change your own unconscious biases and of those of the people around you.


This is an essential course for individuals who want to demonstrate that they work in an actively anti-racism workplace. But the importance goes beyond that of learning about and improving on your own personal belief systems. Taking part in the Race Ahead programme, at an individual level or a business level:

  • Reduces employee turnover in black and brown members of staff.
  • Increases your company reputation and image as an equitable employer.
  • Creates a more motivated and productive workforce.
  • Allows for enhanced psychological safety for all employees.
  • Allows you to retain skills and talent.
  • Helps you stand out as an employer of choice.
  • Reduces complaints, grievances and Tribunals.


The course is full of engaging content, activities, important facts, figures, video, tools and reading materials to support you to become a better ally.

1. Systematic Racism and Exploring English Institutions

Covering what racism is, how it manifests, how it is weaved through our systems and what you as an individual can do to change it on a personal level.

2. Impact on Mental health and Key Mental Health Conditions

We’ll be covering the mental health conditions that affect black and brown individuals as a direct result of racism. And you’ll learn to establish what your organisation has in place already – and what you could do next.

3. Microaggressions and Contributing Factors

We all think that we know what racism is…but how does it manifest? How do microaggressions contribute to the problem? Gain the knowledge and awareness of racist language and thinking to eradicate unintentional racism.

4. How to Become a Better Ally

What happens next? Support, strategies and tools so you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to your organisation as an employee and an employer. But also how you can continue to learn and apply the takeaways to your life.


What if I buy the course and then want further support to embed an anti-racism approach into my organisation?

Great! Get in touch with us at and we can discuss your specific organisation issues and requirements.

Who is this suitable for?

Anyone who is interested in learning how to eradicate racism in society.

How long will it take to complete?

The course will be a full day from 9am to 6pm. It’s been designed with live sessions as well as reading through on your own. The digital workbook is yours to keep so you can go over on your own time after the course.

Can I share the course with colleagues and friends?

It’s £149.99 for one user and the Access link will be unique to you. Please direct anyone who is interested in the course to this website, or get in touch to discuss a whole business license for the course.


I don’t think that I am racist or struggle with racism, is this relevant?

A lot of people are not racist or intentionally racist and say things like, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body.” And that often is true. However, the systems in the world that we live in are systemically racist and we are all a part of it therefore we all can do our bit to dismantle it over time. We just need a place to start and the Race Ahead Course is the perfect baseline for everybody.

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