Racism and the effects on Mental Health of POC & black people

Understanding Systemic Racism & how it presents today in our institutions, systems, & practices and the impacts on Mh of POC & Black people
About this Event

This session is aimed at increasing your understanding of racism, recognising how it presents in today’s society, which will give you the confidence to be able to have informed conversations around race and mental health.

This is an interactive session including videos and group chat’s. This is designed and delivered by Bianca Jones a black female business owner of EDP Training and an associate for Mental Health First Aid England so you are in safe hands to explore this very important subject matter in a supportive and developmental approach.

• Statistics to highlight disparities in mental health treatments, diagnosis and over representation in hospital.

• Looking at Historic events in regards to race relations in England and how the hangover manifests today.

• Exploring Systemic racism in 4 institutions and investigating the disparities in each.

• Understanding the risk factors for developing poor mental health

• Sign- posting for POC/Black people

Further resources emailed after session for personal and professional development.

Bianca Jones
Managing Director/MHFA trainer/CIPD member
Bianca Jones, a qualified MHFA trainer and CIPD member
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