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Qualified since 2016, our lead trainer is a MHFA England Associate Instructor, one of the highest rankings with MHFA.

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We are qualified to design high quality courses, Our lead trainer is quality assured through CIPD.

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Our main MHFA Training course and others available have been designed directly by MHFA England.

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Our Main Course Options

Mental Health First Aid Course

Mental Health First Aid Course (MHFA®)

(2 Days Online)

The Mental Health First Aid Course (MHFA®) is a training course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. Learn to recognise the warning signs of mental ill-health and how to empower someone to access support.

On completion of this course the delegate will receive a certificate from MHFA England and be qualified in supporting those struggling.

Mental Health First Aid Course

Race Ahead Live – Anti-Racism Course

(1 Day Online – Host Facilitaded)

Following recent events and the growing amount of companies looking for ways to proactively tackle racism whether systemic or in the workplace this course helps your workforce become culturally competent and is designed to better help you with language so you are no longer afraid to bring up challenging topics and are confident in using the right words without offending others. Ask all the questions you have been too afraid to ask in our new live and facilitated version of Race Ahead. A non-judgmental approach to learn about race, racism and its effects on mental health. Learn how to better support your Black and Brown colleagues, clients, patients, friends and family who may be struggling. Learn ways to become a proactive anti-racism ally organisationally as well as individually and champion change.

EDP Training Mental Health Traning,  Up-skill & Short Courses

Up-skill & Short Courses

(1hr – 1Day Online)

Further develop your knowledge with our up-skill courses so that you are confident in what you say when talking about mental health.

Our Mental Health First Aid short courses range from 1hr to 1day and are a great way to raise awareness and provide a baseline of knowledge about mental health.  Great for educating larger amounts of people to learn the basics on what to look out for and how to support.

EDP Mental Health First Aid Course

Private In-house Courses & Tailored Specific

(online or in-house)

Get value for your money by booking a private course in your workplace for a group of people all at once. This can be facilitated live online or in-house face 2 face (Covid-19 willing).

We can also design and tailor courses specific to your organisational needs. Have an idea in mind or a certain topic you want to focus on over a specified time? Email us and let us know what you are looking for and we’ll work with you to design the course you need. 



But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our past delegates have to say! We have a 5 star rating on google. See for yourself!

I love working with Bianca, and have been fortunate enough to have been part of and organised many courses with her. she is super easy to discuss the course content with what I am after and very helpful in helping us a create a course designed to help particular attendees. Before, during and after the courses Bianca is always on hand and offers excellent support, very quick to answer any questions I have and helps guide us through every step. I will always use Bianca, and will always recommend her to others. Bianca is just such a lovely person, and everyone who I book on her courses agree!

Chloe Coombs

HR Manager at Aardman Animation

Bianca was an incredible trainer, she has a wealth of experience and makes the environment very safe to tackle some challenging topics. I have learned so much over the course and feel confident I will now be better equipped to support others. Thank you for your passion and expertise.

Sarah Walker

Head of Safeguarding Case Mgmt at The Football Association

Bianca was engaging, sensitive and provided a safe space for people to openly discuss their uncertainties around mental health without fear of judgement.

Annabel Leydon

Outdoor & Cycle Concepts

Mental Health First Aid Course

Looking to empower and develop your workforce? We provide online and F2F Mental Health First Aid Courses as well as Anti-Racism courses for workplaces, professionals individuals. Book your place today!

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Mental Health Training Online
Mental Health First Aid Course with EDP

Mental Health First Aid Course

Get your training free!

Are you an individual passionate about mental health and looking to get training because you want to be a better advocate and know how to better support others struggling? That’s great, those are always the best mental health first aiders! Many of our delegates are just like you. If you are in full time employment why not mention your intention to a manager or HR? Write them an email or set up a meeting of why it is important for the company and for you as well. Most of our delegates get the Mental Health First Aid Course completely free to them in exchange for them becoming a official Mental Health First Aider in their workplace. Sometimes lasting change has to come from the bottom up. We love when advocates challenge the status quo that is how we create lasting change. In the end we all know it’s the best for everyone.

Mental Health Training Online

Mental Health First Aid Certification

Organise a Private Course

Do you understand the importance of getting everyone trained and ready for the challenge but not for the price tag? Fear not! We provide a private course option for training various employees all at once as well as a sliding scale for charities and social enterprises. Whether you want a more straightforward course to raise awareness over an hour or 1 day we got you covered. Maybe you have a specific topic you want to discuss with your employees about something that is more relevant to you? we can design mental health training online for your organisation or face-to-face (Covid willing) in the form of a conference or a workshop. We have a wealth of experience designing courses specific to organisations if you want to ask us about it.

Mental Health First Aid Course

Mental Health First Aid Online

A Happy Workplace

Mental health is good business and a happy workplace is a conscious and educated workplace which understands it’s employees are not robots but human beings with feelings and a whole other life they rarely show. Countless studies have shown that when you truly care for your workforce everything in the organisation improves, retention rates, sick days, sales and even word of mouth! In today’s age and with younger generations challenging the status quo make sure your organisation is not being left behind because soon enough there will be no room for employers that don’t do enough to protect their workforce, employees are demanding more and they well deserve it! Prevent employee burnout and support your team’s mental health by signing up to our Mental Health First Aid courses today.

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