What Qualities Do You Need to Be a Mental Health First Aider

Mental health has become a priority in many countries around the world, and there is an ever-increasing need for people with the right qualifications and knowledge to help those with mental health issues. The Mental Health First Aid course provides individuals with the necessary skills to become Mental Health First Aiders. In this article, we will examine the qualities needed for people taking this course, as well as what they can expect from it.

What Is Mental Health First Aid Training?

Mental health first aid training is an important initiative that can help individuals recognise and respond to mental health issues in their communities. It’s often seen as a preventive measure against the development of serious mental health problems or crises, equipping people with the skills they need to provide support and guidance for those in need.

An MHFA course teaches participants how to identify when someone may be developing a mental health problem or having a crisis, how to approach them and how best to provide initial help until professional treatment is available.

Everyone is welcome to attend the program to learn more about mental health first aid, including members of the public and professionals, such as teachers, police officers, employers, healthcare workers and social workers. With MHFA courses designed for different audiences—youths aged 14-18 through adults over 65—the program offers tailored instruction for each group.

5 Qualities Needed to be a Mental Health First Aider

Active listening

Active listening enables mental health first aiders to provide effective support and aid to those in need. Listening actively goes beyond just hearing what the person is saying. Through active listening, a mental health first aid worker can demonstrate empathy and create an environment of trust and safety for those they are trying to help.

Good communication skills

Being able to effectively communicate with those in need of help is critical in providing meaningful support and guidance. Mental health first aiders must be comfortable talking about emotionally sensitive topics. They should also be well-versed in various forms of communication, from spoken dialogue to written words, in order to best interact with someone experiencing mental distress.


A calm demeanour can be used to effectively communicate with someone who may be feeling overwhelmed or distressed. By maintaining composure, the individual receiving assistance can feel confident that their feelings are being heard without judgement or criticism. Being calm is also essential for being able to assess each situation objectively.


A focus on developing empathy is essential for workplace training courses, such as MHFA, as it encourages an open-minded approach when dealing with people who are experiencing emotional distress. This allows people to feel safe discussing their feelings, knowing they will not be judged or stigmatised.

Knowledgeable about resources

Being knowledgeable about resources means understanding the different types of mental health support available, including both professional and non-professional support networks to assist people. Mental health first aiders should also be familiar with community services such as support groups, therapy programs and educational programs. By being aware of these external resources, they can provide comprehensive information that may benefit those suffering from mental health issues.

Mental Health First Aiders in the Workplace

There are numerous benefits to having a mental health first aider in the workplace, such as:

Maintains a healthy working environment

Having a trained mental health first aider in the workplace provides employees with access to immediate help if they need it, as well as offers education and awareness on the importance of looking after your own mental well-being.

Workplace mental health training can teach employees how to manage anxiety and depression symptoms before they become more severe, as well as offer support for co-workers going through a difficult time. In addition, mental health first aiders can work collaboratively with managers and HR teams on developing policies that promote positive well-being throughout the company.

Promotes mental health awareness and reduces stigma

Having a designated mental health first aider within an organisation can help identify issues earlier on, preventing further deterioration or even crisis. The presence of this person also sends out the message that employees’ mental well-being is taken seriously, which can create an atmosphere where staff feel comfortable discussing their struggles without fear of judgement or discrimination.

Encourages early intervention

Promoting early intervention in the workplace is key to providing employees with the support they need to maintain their mental health and well-being. A mental health first aider plays a vital role in any business, connecting employees to mental health services that can help them. By having this essential role filled within a company, employees will be able to identify problems before they escalate, allowing for more effective treatment of mental health conditions at an earlier stage.

What to Expect from a Mental Health First Aid Course

Mental health first aid courses provide basic information on how to recognise and respond to mental health issues among members of your community. Whether you’re looking for helpful resources or want to be better equipped in case a friend or family member needs assistance, here’s what you should know about taking a mental health first aid course.

The course will likely include discussions about various issues related to mental health, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD. You’ll learn how to identify the symptoms and behaviours associated with these conditions and how they can vary between individuals. The instructor may also discuss different strategies that could be used if someone is experiencing a crisis.

Join a Mental Health First Aid Course Today

Learning how to be a Mental Health First Aider is a valuable skill for all individuals in any profession. Educating yourself about the struggles faced by those around you can make all the difference.

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