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Black History Month: Race Ahead Summit: Anti-Racism & Workplace Wellbeing

Race Ahead Summit – Anti-Racism & Workplace Wellbeing An event designed for workplace professionals and individuals to combat racism.

About this event:
An Anti-Racism event for workplaces and individuals to action change.

Given that this years Black History Month theme is: Time for Change: Action Not Words it is as ever so important to shine the light on what and how workplaces can take action and champion change.

Workers spend most of our lives and time at our jobs and it’s important nowadays that our workplaces align with our values.

It is simply no longer enough to not be racist. Organisations and people need to take action to be proactively anti-racism.

This event looks to raise awareness on the mental health impacts of racism on Black and Brown people and focusses on ways we can prevent racism on the ground as well as institutionally within our organisations to reach the equity we all deserve.

This event is designed for:

  • Human Resources
  • Line Managers
  • Decision Makers
  • Senior leaders in the company
  • CEOs
  • Anyone interested in anti-racism


*Speakers to be announced in due course.

Our guest speakers will cover:

  • How racism manifests in the workplace and the underlying issues of why it happens.
  • How to reduce racial discrimination from happening in the first place by reducing microaggressions, thoughtless comments, racial slurs and racial banter.
  • Learn about the effect of racism on the mental health and wellbeing o Black and Brown employees.
  • Increase wellbeing and psychological safety for Black and Brown employees.
  • Retain your Black and Brown employees.
  • Create a tolerant, empathetic and productive workforce working in synergy.
  • Create an organisation where everybody can be their true selves and increase psychological safety and wellbeing of the whole organisation.
  • Learn best practise from MHFA England and the steps they took to become a proactive anti-racist organisation.

Why is it important for workplaces to attend this event?

Racism isn’t going away and ignoring it will only make the situation worse. Did you know it is now mandatory to have anti-racism training in Wales? Since the global events following the death of George Floyd then the BLM uprisings and what we are currently seeing in UK with cricket and sports, it should come as no surprise that things need to change now. Everyone must play a role in the change we want to see and this event is a step in the right direction. Especially for organisations who are looking to pave the way.

Many organisations have been focussing too much on diversity and not enough of anti-racism action. While diversity is great and a step in the right direction retaining that talent is key. In order to retain that talent organisations need to make their diverse talent feel safe, feel that they belong and are valued. Proving your organisation’s commitment to anti-racism and its importance is everything. People and employees no longer fall for performative gestures and words, they want action.

This event will help organisations increases their company reputation and image as an equitable employer making it an attractive place to work for millennials, gen z and new recruits looking for a place that aligns with their values of social justice over other organisations who ignore racism and look the other way as if it doesn’t effect them.

The event will also be a great way to network and meet other like-minded organisations working towards their values of anti-racism and mental health.

How will this event help me and and my organisation:

  • Reduce employee turnover in Black and Brown members of staff.
  • Increases your company reputation and image as an equitable employer.
  • Help you create a more motivated and productive workforce.
  • Allow for enhanced psychological safety for all employees.
  • Allow you to retain skills and talent.
  • Help you stand out as an employer of choice.
  • Reduces complaints, grievances and tribunals.



9.30- 5 pm 2x Comfort Breaks & 30 Min Lunch Break

***Lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided through our catering partner.


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An event designed for workplace professionals and individuals to combat racism effectively and become anti-racism allies.

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