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How You Can Support Loved Ones Through Mental Health First Aid Training

As mental health concerns become more prevalent in our world, providing support and assistance to those who are struggling is becoming increasingly important. Mental health first aid training is a powerful way to support and show care for our loved ones. It gives us a better understanding of mental health issues, making it easier to recognise the signs that someone needs help.

This article will explore mental health first aid and how you can join a mental health first aid course to better understand how to provide assistance to your loved ones when they need it most.

What Is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid helps individuals understand mental health issues and support loved ones who suffer from them. In this program, participants learn how to recognise signs and symptoms of mental health problems, offer assistance and refer them for treatment. MHFA courses are valuable for family members and friends trying to provide care to loved ones struggling with mental health problems.

The training focuses on assessing safety, listening without judgement, providing information and reassurance, promoting self-help strategies and encouraging professional assistance. It also covers anxiety disorders, depression, suicide prevention, substance use disorder management and more. Participants are taught evidence-based skills for intervening when they encounter an individual experiencing mental distress.

Benefits of Training: Helping to Support

Mental health plays a crucial role in people’s overall well-being, and ensuring physical and psychological well-being requires the right support system. Enrolling in an MHFA course is beneficial to both those who suffer from mental health issues directly and their loved ones. There are numerous benefits to learning how to help someone with a mental health issue.

  • It helps loved ones understand the symptoms associated with a particular diagnosis so they know when to seek medical attention.
  • It can also help them discover resources, such as counselling services, support groups and medication management, which can be helpful for family members or friends struggling with their condition.
  • Workplace mental health training helps employees handle difficult conversations, so everyone feels understood and supported.

Tips for Supporting Loved Ones

Provide emotional support and understanding on a consistent basis: Being genuine matters more than saying the right things. Love and understanding are needed, so show empathy, compassion and patience.

Communicate care and support in verbal and non-verbal ways: Your facial expressions and posture can make a big difference.

Provide practical assistance: Help your loved one with grocery shopping, housekeeping or other household chores. However, avoid taking over or encouraging dependency.

Don’t give unsolicited advice: Most people will ask for advice later if they need it.

Provide information: If a person requests information, provide relevant and accurate resources.

Book an MHFA Course Today

Workplace training courses such as MHFA can help support family members dealing with mental health issues. As a result, it can help build trust, facilitate communication and educate people about mental health. With proper knowledge and approaches, we can help create a safe and supportive environment for our family and friends.

At EDP Training, we believe in equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to assist others. Our Mental Health First Aid course includes everything you need to provide mental health assistance. Book a course today!