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Our Supportive Conversations training is a practical course designed for people managers, professionals and MHFAiders® who are looking for ways to improve on actually starting those difficult mental health conversations.

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About Our Supportive Conversations Course

*Note: This course is available as either an online or face-to-face training session. Please let us know which you prefer when contacting us.

About the Supportive Conversations Course

Managers often struggle to know what to say. More specifically how to open a conversation, what questions to ask, how to really listen, how to be consistently supportive and care for themselves.

This course has been designed with line managers in mind. It aims to educate people managers to be proactive and open up the difficult conversations about mental health, hold the conversation and implement follow up. It looks to improve people management skills by reducing reactivity and encouraging early detection and prevention.

Understanding stress in the workplace

  • Increase knowledge and awareness around mental health  
  • Learn to spot the signs and symptoms of poor mental health developing in the workplace 
  • The conversation cycle 
  • Listening skills
  • Questions skills 
  • Learn about helpful resources to signpost people to

Why was this course created and why is it important?

  • Managers often struggle to know what to say and how to genuinely start those conversations
  • Learn the specifics or how to properly open a conversation
  • Learn what questions to ask
  • Learn skills to practice how to really listen with empathetic and active listening
  • Learn how to be consistently supportive
  • Learn how to care for yourself and prioritise your own self care


Costs vary depending on the amount of delegates and whether you need it to be online or inhouse. Email us for a quote below. 

We also can provide discounted rates for charities and social enterprises so let us know in your email if this is you.


Booking this course at your workplace can be done through email. Email us below.


  • 10- 4 pm (6hrs) usually but may be tailored to your requirements 
  • Online with a live facilitator or in-house at your place of work
  • Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities
  • We limit numbers to 25 people per course so that the instructor can keep people safe and supported while they learn

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But don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our past delegates have to say about our Supportive Conversations course! We have a 5 star rating on google. See for yourself!

I found the course really helpful and it has made me much more confident to both start and have a conversation around somebody’s wellbeing. I actually managed to put the techniques into action first thing yesterday morning with two of my team.

Chris Moss

Head of IT, Taylor Maxwell

Personally I found useful how to recognise some of the early warning signs in someone’s behaviour and possible physical signs. Watching the role play was really useful to see how things can go right and wrong in the approach to feeling and explore before trying to offer support.

Robbie Thompson

Marketing and Business Development Director , Taylor Maxwell

Personally I found the warning sign indicators useful as well as the Health Spectrum and Stress Container which are visual representations of an individual’s different circumstances.

The Stress Container was most useful for me as it made me reflect on current contributors to my stress container and made me think of how I can reduce that volume of potential stress.

Some more coverage on what tools individuals can adopt to help control exposure to mental health issues.

Neil Bowler

Director, Taylor Maxwell

I thought that everything that was covered was useful, as it is a subject that definitely requires a level of training on, to make sure that we identify and handle things in the right way. It also made us all consider how we act/react as individuals. The mental health spectrum will be something I will look to use going forward. It’s a very clear tool to help identify the state of a person’s mental health.

Dan Mathews

Hardwood Manager, Taylor Maxwell

Mental Health First Aid Course

Mental Health First Aid Course – MHFA England

(2 Days Online)

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course is a training which teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. Learn to recognise the warning signs of mental ill health and how to empower someone to access support.

On completion of this course the delegate will receive a certificate from MHFA England and be qualified in supporting those struggling.

Private Course & Tailored Specific

(online or in-house)

Get value for your money by booking a private course in your workplace and train a group of people all at once. This can be facilitated live online or in-house face 2 face (Covid-19 willing).

We can also design a more tailored approach specific to your organisational needs. Have an idea in mind or a certain topic you want to focus on over a specified time? Email us and let us know what you are looking for and we’ll work with you to design the course you need.

Our Mental Health First Aid Courses are great for...


At EDP we believe everyone should be educated in mental health in order for it to be less stigmatised. Although with that being said we do believe it is vital for some of the few (but not limited to) professions listed below to be educated in mental health to help fast track us into a better world where the mental health of everyone will be a priority. One person at a time. Every person trained gets us one step closer to a better world!



Workplaces, Organisations & Social Enterprises

Whether your a big corporate business or a small charity fighting for change we have designed a sliding scale for training your workforce. Email us for details.

Health and Mental Health Professionals

Whether you are a physiotherapist or a counsellor. Don't let microaggressions or gaslighting be a blind spot for you when talking about mental health.

Private Practices

It is important everyone in your private practice know how to spot the signs especially when dealing with patients or clients.

Education Professionals

Whether you are a teacher or a tutor or anyone that works in an educational setting learning ways to spot the signs is key.

Line Managers or HR Professionals

In this day in age it is vital for people managers and line managers to be trained and qualified to look after their workforce not just physically but mentally as well.


Our courses are great for individuals who may have a passion for mental health and are looking for ways to learn more on how to better support those struggling.

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