Our Trainers

About our associate trainers

Our trainers are passionate about what we do. All the trainers we use are CIPD qualified and have worked as facilitators in public and private for several years. We pride ourselves on the quality and high standards of our workshops and services.

All our trainers have previously held senior positions in business or have run their own business so they have first-hand experience in what issues you may be facing with your workforce from labour turnover to succession planning we understand what you are facing.

Unlike other training companies we use a leaner centred approach to deliver our training using adult learning principles and accelerated learning techniques this helps ensure the new learning is retained. This method means training session are engaging, motivating and collaborative and as far away from the old classroom style training session as possible.

  • CIPD qualified
  • Facilitating and training experience
  • First hand business experience

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Our Trainers


Emma Stubbings

Emma Stubbings from Emma Jane Coaching is an extremely talented Executive Coach and NLP master practitioner. She works privately with leaders in business to achieve outstanding personal development. She’s renowned for clarity with a bit of quirkiness. Her style is inclusive and she brings a sense of calm that’s intoxicating.

In sessions with Emma, you will:

Learn and grow:

  • Create your own style of leadership
  • Get clear on your goals


  • Communicate authentically
  • Make purposeful decisions

Stay healthy and balanced:

  • Discover your unique stress triggers
  • Re-wire your thoughts

Emma spent 20 years in corporate roles managing teams, projects and programmes of change. She experienced the pressure of a demanding role and the stress that can accumulate if you don’t take care of your own well-being. It’s one of the reasons for her current work. She gets results and that’s why I recommend her.

Email: hello@emmajanecoaching.co.uk

Our Trainers

Simon Walker

Simon Walker from Firecracker Coaching is a mind-set coach and hypnotherapist specialising in working with individuals and organisations to effect real, permanent change. This can be cultural, commercial and very personal. He understands that it is the mind of the individuals which will make the biggest impact both personally and within organisations.

Our minds are just like computers. Sometimes they run bad programming which doesn’t really serve us. A little bit of re-programming can make all the difference in most people and once the program has been rewritten, it can be run again and again to make successful life changes.


Our Trainers

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