Wellbeing & Diversity in Construction & Property Conference

A great way to start the new year, being invited to talk about wellbeing and mental health at this event. The construction industry is an area that has a high level of suicides and poor mental health reported which often goes undetected until a crisis point.

Some reasons behind this can be the nature of the work as is often physical.
The stigma associated if somebody does come forward as it It can be viewed as a weakness.he construction industry is a predominately male workforce which can cause its own barriers with macho culture and toxic masculinity.
Alcohol is a massive risk factor for poor mental health and can be a part of a work culture.

I am looking forward to raising awareness around the prevalence of poor mental health and how we can all play a part to reduce the stigma.

Feeling like you can open up and have somebody to talk to that you trust can make a whole lot of difference.

Join me https://lnkd.in/ds9t42B

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