Who Should Take Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training Courses?

A mental health first aid course provides participants information about mental health and substance use. But who exactly can take this course and take advantage of what it has to offer? Read on to discover the importance of mental health first aid training and who can enrol in MHFA courses.

Key Takeaway

Anyone stands to benefit from learning mental health first aid. An MHFA course is available to the general public, family members, educators, health care providers, first responders, workers in frontline positions, volunteers, HR professionals, employers, community groups and more.

What Is the Importance of Mental Health First Aid?

Mental health issues are common

These concerns affect everyone in some way. In the UK, one in four people suffers yearly mental health problems. As a result, you or someone around you are likely to suffer from mental illness. And you can help by providing mental health first aid. The MHFA course covers depression and anxiety, drug and alcohol use, trauma, eating disorders and suicidal behaviour.

Mental health problems are stigmatised

In response to a negative view of mental health disorders and treatments, some people avoid seeking necessary help and hide their problems. You can contribute to reducing stigma and discrimination by better understanding mental health and substance use.

People aren’t well-informed about mental health

Individuals may not be aware of mental health problems, the best way to react or effective treatment options.

Who Should Take the Mental Health First Aid Course?

An MHFA course is suitable for anyone 18 or older interested in learning how to help a person suffering from a mental health problem or a mental health crisis.

Everyone can benefit from taking a mental health first aid course. Specialised programs are available for adults, teens, caregivers, veterans, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, and educators.


Investing in workplace training courses, such as MHFA, helps cultivate and maintain a productive, happy and healthy workforce. It promotes mental health awareness and responsibility among employees. Moreover, MHFA courses can add value to employee services and wellness programs.

Workplace mental health training prepares employees to discuss mental disorders and substance use safely, respectfully and effectively.


MHFA courses help teachers and staff become proactive when it comes to their students’ mental health and recognise signs, enabling them to intervene effectively. The course teaches instructors how to approach a student suffering from a mental health issue and initiate a dialogue. It is essential to have this understanding and capability since early intervention has been proven to impact future development positively.

HR and Line Managers

Workplace training courses provide invaluable benefits to workers. MHFA is increasingly regarded as a vital tool for managers across all sectors, whether private, public or third-sector. A well-trained line manager can make a significant difference in sustaining a healthy mental state and fostering well-being.


MHFA promotes mental health literacy among individuals. Aside from audiences engaged in various professional fields, mental health first aid can benefit youth, families, volunteers and general audiences.

Be a Mental Health First Aider Today

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